Wujido Martial Arts, formerly the Wujido Institute, was established in 1992 in Dallas, Texas. Wujido MartialArts offers training in Traditional Old-style Shao-lin WuShu (Kung Fu),TaijiQuan(Tai Chi), and WujiQuan. Since its inception the school has grown steadily into one of the most respected and well-known schools in the Dallas area.

Our School

At Wujido Martial Arts in Dallas, we maintain a combination of quality and effectiveness of training, and hold a well-known priority of creating a clean and safe environment for everyone, especially beginners. We have a virtually injury free environment that encourages cooperation rather than competition. A very strict code of discipline combined with a friendly environment that can bring out the very best in a person.

We have about 3000 square feet of air-conditioned training space on a springy hardwood floor. About a third of this is covered with Olympic grade training mats. Classes are currently offered in the evenings from 5PM to 9PM, and on Saturdays from 10AM to 12PM. See the class schedules for each style under “Curriculum Studies” at left.

wujido institute

Our Programs

The most popular program we have is our Shao-Lin Kung fu program, but we also teach Yang style TaijiQuan, and WujiQuan.

Contact Us

Enroll now in classes at Wujido Martial Arts

Come on over and fill out an application, get a tour of the school. Chat with a program consultant who will find out about your needs to determine which of our programs best suits you. There are classes in Tai Chi,Shaolin and Wujiquan.

Address : 10635 Control Place, Dallas, TX 75238


Telephone: (214) 340-8880

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